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R&T 2023 Tap Musical

《Man of la Central2.0》


Please see Chinese version.

R&T (Rhythm & Tempo) is...

an active professional tap dance company based in Hong Kong. In April 2014, the company is officially registered as a non-profit-making limited company. R & T became the recipient of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council?s 1-Year grant in the same year. Since its establishment, Ken Kwok, Eve Leung, and Wing Wong has been organizing and producing activities of different natures in order to promote and develop the art of tap dance locally. Through its professional productions, school tours, community promotions, workshops, etc., R & T aims at increasing the exposure of tap dance to local audiences so as to deepen their knowledge of this particular dance form. The dance company is committed to developing tap dance as one of the local mainstream dance forms and creating different styles of tap dance productions, so as to enrich and diversify the artistic lives of local audiences and to spread the fun of dancing. Putting the concept of popularizing the arts into practice, R & T intends to explore all capabilities of the art of dancing and to response to the society.

R & T (Rhythm & Tempo) is the organizer of the annual Hong Kong Tap Festival (HKTF). Through inviting renowned foreign dancers to Hong Kong, the company intends to enhance the artistic level of the field. It is believed that bringing talented people together can help broaden the horizons of local audiences as well as artists and producers, making the local art productions comparable to the international standards that local productions and artists are not limited to the stages in Hong Kong and enter the stages around the globe. HKTF is an annual feast in the field of dancing and it is the 6th HKTF so far. It presents various activities including workshops, sharing, improvisational tap dance performances, and Beat Me Tap, a gala performance as the festival highlight. The gala performance of each year has involved 90% of the local tap dancers who joined the festival with their students and tap dance lovers.

There appeared a performance in which amounting to 50 performers were on the stage and showed off their dancing skills. Every year, HKTF invites famous foreign artists to participate in performances or workshops to showcase or teach tap dancing skills. Artists who were previously involved include Yuta Hori (Japan), Suzuki Sadahiro (Japan)¡BDance Works (Taiwan), Uragami(Japan), Sakuma Kuriko (Japan), Hida Yoshiko (Japan), Kaohsiung City Tap Dance Company (Taiwan), Kazunori Kumagai (Japan), Shoko Taniguchi (Japan), Murata Masaki (Japan), Reich Sarah Adrianna (USA)¡BRubio Nico Salvador (USA), and Howard Lee (USA).

R&T believes that breaking constructed language form with the concept of infinity allows us to create our own performing style, use rhythm to create a pleasant visual and audible journey to audience.

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