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June 11, 2020



導師及編舞:Mandy Petty

6月12-14日 8pm
6月14日 3pm
票價:$ 180, $100 (優惠票價)



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爵躍線上_2.0 Jazz It Up Online_2.0

June 05, 2020


R&T (Rhythm & Tempo) 與日本舞者清水夏生共同打造的踢躂演奏會《爵躍》,因配合政府的防疫工作而未能在劇院如期公演。有見及此,本團把原有的演出選段攝製成《爵躍線上_2.0》,並於網上平台免費公開放映。


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香港踢躂節2019 大匯演

拍 ・ 我 ・ 踢躂

由本地專業舞團R&T(Rhythm & Tempo) 主辦的香港踢躂節,今年已踏入第八屆,在眾多活動之中,《拍.我.踢躂》永遠是整個踢躂節的焦點所在。芸芸國際級水準的各國舞者齊集香港舞台,配以專業的爵士樂隊現場伴奏,從舞蹈還是音樂的角度去欣賞都將會是一個高水準的演出,觀眾萬勿錯過!



February 28, 2019



本地活躍的專業踢躂舞團 R & T (Rhythm & Tempo)​ 將於三月初在葵青劇院黑盒劇場演出一齣踢躂音樂劇《哥仔姐仔「躂」著火》,呈現愛情裡苦樂喜憂的百變樣態,或許將為身處愛情中或渴望愛情降臨的你,一解煩憂。... (文/李夢)

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2018 - 糅合錄像與魔術的奇幻踢躂舞劇《踏尋船》

January 11, 2018





12* - 13/ 01/ 2018 晚上8:00 
14/ 01/ 2018 下午3:00

門票價格^ :$200 $160

藝術總監,編舞及踢踏舞者    郭偉傑

魔術師    陳嶺昕
Beatboxer    黎義
現代舞舞者    林波
街舞舞者    陳頴業

監製及編劇    張婉婷
錄像導演    劉思正
編曲    黎義
佈景及道具設計    邵少威
燈光設計    陳家豪
服裝設計    甄泳然
音響設計    夏恩蓓
平面設計    黃金鳳

R&T has a new performance “Undestined Sail”!

This performance is a mystical tap journey with video and magic.

The Story

Escorted by a warden, a group of convicts ate transferred to a rural prison via the waterways. Their vessel is capsized in an unexpected storm – some are drowned, some are drifted to different corners of an uninhabited island. Talented in each of their own ways, the convicts try to look for freedom by various means. They are ready to set off on the sea, but the strom hits again. The ending catches everyone by surprise.

Performance Detail

12​* - 13/ 01/ 2017 8:00PM

14/ 01/ 2017 3:00PM

*With Post-performance meet-the-artist session



Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre

Ticket Price^

$200 $160

^Discount tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder and full-time students.

2017 - 小飛 FAY



​Fay is an orphan taken care by an old shoemaker Uncle Hoi since she was very young. A pair lead tap shoes has been hanging in the home of Uncle Hoi. Whenever Fay has time, she wears the tap shoes and dances here and there. One day, the government promulgates a new law that only eligible dancers can perform tap dance, all others are forbidden to do so. To ensure that Fay can continue to dance, Uncle Hoi decides to seek help from an old friend. Meanwhile, Fay meets a boy called Alex... What is the story about that pair of lead tap shoes in Uncle Hoi's home? Who is Uncle Hoi's friend? What kind of chemistry will form between Fay and Alex? Can they continue to perform tap dance? 

13-14/1/2017  8pm

15/1/2017   3pm


編舞:郭偉傑(Ken, Kwok Wai Kit)
黃安妮(Annie, Wong On Ni)
謝裕鈴(Ling, Tse Yu Ling)
孔君蔚(Natalie, Hung Kwan Wai)
梁海琦(Krystal, Leung Hoi Kei)
顏俊豪(Marc Ngan)
馬沛詩(Cissy, Ma Pui Sze)
郭偉傑(Ken, Kwok Wai Kit)
唐浩芝(Tong Hao Chih Tancy)
羅嘉敏(Law Ka Man Carmen)

編劇:余翰廷Yu Hon Ting
導演:余健生Benny Yu
音樂總監/編曲:張家銘 Charles Teo
作詞:卓靈 Jacqueline Kwok 
佈景設計:王梓駿 Isaac Wong
燈光設計:蕭健邦Kin-bong Siu、胡景瀧 Woo King Lung
服裝統籌:甄泳然 Renee Yan 
執行舞台監督:蕭沛欣 Cha Shiu Pui Yan
技術總監:邵少威 Benny Shaw
監製:陳溥堃 Po-Kwan Chan
行政主任:蔡頴儀 Wing-Yee Choi

2016 -《踢躂亞星》文化大使22場完滿結束!

November 24, 2016

《踢躂亞星》嘅尾場喺狂風暴雨之下完滿結束了! 今場星辰呼風喚雨, 令九哥哥同朱妹可以真真正正咁來一次Singing in the Rain! 想知下年文化大使會為眾街坊帶來咩表演?請密切留意R&T Facebook Page  啦!

2016 - 狂人止步 Office Mad Man


All of us are insane maniacs, staring at our own vibrant desires.



The wrestling for power is present regardless of place, because it is in this cruel battlefield of a world that we live in.

19-20/2/2016  8pm

21/2/2016   3pm


製作團隊Production Team
編舞Choreographer:郭偉傑 Ken Kwok
作曲Composer: 雷柏熹 Patrick Lui
音響Sound Designer:夏恩蓓CanDog
燈光設計Lighting Designer:施駿興 PC Sei
服裝設計Costume Designer:甄泳然Renee Yan

監製 Producer: 黃志榮 Chi-wing Wong
助理監製 Assistant Producer: 賀文欣 Man-yan Ho
技術總監 Technical Director: 邵少威 Benny Shaw
執行舞台監督 Deputy Stage Manager:施駿興 PC Sei
舞台監督Stage Manager:張繼業Gary Cheung
平面設計Graphic Designer:羅永雪 Wing-suet Lo
攝影Photography: 黃迪祺Dicky Wong
錄像Video:王丹琦 Tan-ki Wong

踢躂舞者Tap Dancers:
郭偉傑 Ken Kwok
梁美嘉 Eve Leung
鄧偉豐 Calvin Tang
陳素妍 Zoe Chan
鄭建燊 Reco Cheng(台灣TW)

2015 -《踢躂颷城》癲瘋版 Tap Building (New Stage Version)

Tap Building: Hear the echoes of the city

A new stage version of the well-received production of R&T presented by four co-choreographers. Let the people hear the sound of madness.


4-5/4/2015   8pm

5/4/2015   3pm




聯合編舞Co-Choreographers: 郭偉傑Ken Kwok、謝佩琪Penny Tse、陳嘉儀Karen Chan、鄧偉豐Calvin Tang
舞者Tappers: 郭偉傑Ken Kwok、梁美嘉Eve Leung、謝佩琪Penny Tse、陳嘉儀Karen Chan、鄧偉豐Calvin Tang、陳雅珊Shan Chan、顏俊豪Ngan Jun Hao Marc、陳肇政David Chan
現場音樂Live Music:沈樂民Lok-man Shum

燈光設計Lighting Designer:施駿興 Chun-hing Sei

音響Sound Designer:夏恩蓓CanDog
服裝統籌Costume Co-ordinator:甄泳然Renee Yan

技術總監Technical Director:邵少威Benny Shaw

執行舞台監督Deputy Stage Manager:施駿興 Chun-hing Sei

監製Producer:黃志榮 Wing Wong
票務Ticketing:蘇良信 Violet So

鳴謝Special Thanks:游家傑 Ka-kit Yau (為 Sexybaby Jazz part 編舞/choreograph for Sexybaby Jazz part)

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