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R&T於這次製作中作出了一項新嘗試,將3D錄像結合舞蹈藝術!除了有本團藝術總監郭偉傑先生編排精彩的舞步,更聯同國際賽獲獎魔術師Henry Harrius、新進Beatboxer黎義、現代舞專業舞者林波、Hip Hop資深舞者陳頴業一起擦出火花。 


12​* - 13/ 01/ 2017 晚上8:00 

14/ 01/ 2017 下午3:00





$200 $160



藝術總監,編舞及踢踏舞者    郭偉傑

魔術師    陳嶺昕
Beatboxer    黎義
現代舞舞者    林波
街舞舞者    陳頴業

監製及編劇    張婉婷
錄像導演    劉思正
編曲    黎義
佈景及道具設計    邵少威
燈光設計    陳家豪
服裝設計    甄泳然
音響設計    夏恩蓓
平面設計    黃金鳳


R&T has a new performance “Undestined Sail”!

This performance is a mystical tap journey with video and magic.

The Story

Escorted by a warden, a group of convicts ate transferred to a rural prison via the waterways. Their vessel is capsized in an unexpected storm – some are drowned, some are drifted to different corners of an uninhabited island. Talented in each of their own ways, the convicts try to look for freedom by various means. They are ready to set off on the sea, but the strom hits again. The ending catches everyone by surprise.

This time R&T made attempt to combine 3D video with dance! Our artistic director Ken Kwok choreographs wonderful dance pieces, and collaborates this performance with the international award winning magician Henry Harrius, Beatboxer Lai Yee, Professional modern dancer Lam Po and Hip-Hop dancer Chan Wing Yip. Five performers show their talents and the conflict aroused between characters.


Performance Detail

12​* - 13/ 01/ 2017 8:00PM

14/ 01/ 2017 3:00PM

*With Post-performance meet-the-artist session


Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre

Ticket Price^

$200 $160

^Discount tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder and full-time students.


​House Programme

Undestined Sail


Artistic Director, Choreographer and Performer    Ken, Kwok Wai Kit
Magician    Henry Harrius

Beatboxer    Lai Yee

Contemporary Dancer    Lam Po

Hip Hop Dancer    Chan Wing Yip


Producer and Screenwriter    Edith Cheung

Video Director    Paul Lau

Music Arranger    Lai Yee

Set and Props Designer    Benny Shaw

Lighting Designer    Chan Ka Ho Ivan

Costume Designer    Renee Yan

Sound Designer    CanDog

Graphic Designer    Luna Wong

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