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Tap Note

June 11, 2020

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Jazz It Up 2.0

June 05, 2020

Jazz It Up 2.0 Online 

When you can’t come to theatre, theatre comes to you❗️

Tap Concert 'Jazz It Up', originally collaborated by R&T (Rhythm & Tempo) and our guest dancer, Natsuo Shimizu, from Japan, has been cancelled due to the pandemic. In order to achieve our goal to bring this show to our audience, an online video with the excerpts from our original creation will be free broadcasted to the public on internet. Let’s call it 'Jazz It Up Online_2.0'!

This is a show of jazz and tap dance in the form of band performance, tap performance and artists’ interviews. Audience of all ages are welcome. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy tap dance at home so please stay tuned with us!

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HK Tap Festival 2019 Gala "BEAT.ME.TAP"

August 09, 2019

HK Tap Festival Gala "BEAT.ME.TAP"@Cultural Centre, Studio Theatre

10/8 (SAT) 7:45pm

11/8 (SUN) 2:45pm, 7:45pm

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2019 Tap On Fire

January 31, 2019

R&T's brand new Tap Musical is a series of love stories told by tap dancing and songs from the old days. Immersed at a time of old Hong Kong, we reveal the love battles between men and women nowadays. What is hidden behind all these sweet fantasies in relationship? This show is accompanied with live band and is a light-hearted performance suitable for all ages.

Showtime: 1 & 2 March 8pm, 3 March 3pm

Venue: Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

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2018 “Undestined Sail”

January 11, 2018

R&T has a new performance “Undestined Sail”!

This performance is a mystical tap journey with video and magic.

The Story

Escorted by a warden, a group of convicts ate transferred to a rural prison via the waterways. Their vessel is capsized in an unexpected storm – some are drowned, some are drifted to different corners of an uninhabited island. Talented in each of their own ways, the convicts try to look for freedom by various means. They are ready to set off on the sea, but the strom hits again. The ending catches everyone by surprise.

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2017 - 小飛 FAY

January 15, 2017

Fay is an orphan taken care by an old shoemaker Uncle Hoi since she was very young. A pair lead tap shoes has been hanging in the home of Uncle Hoi. Whenever Fay has time, she wears the tap shoes and dances here and there. One day, the government promulgates a new law that only eligible dancers can perform tap dance, all others are forbidden to do so. To ensure that Fay can continue to dance, Uncle Hoi decides to seek help from an old friend. Meanwhile, Fay meets a boy called Alex... What is the story about that pair of lead tap shoes in Uncle Hoi's home? Who is Uncle Hoi's friend? What kind of chemistry will form between Fay and Alex? Can they continue to perform tap dance? 

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2016 - 狂人止步 Office Mad Man

February 18, 2016

All of us are insane maniacs, staring at our own vibrant desires.

The wrestling for power is present regardless of place, because it is in this cruel battlefield of a world that we live in.

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