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香港踢躂節又黎啦!快D黎一齊TAP TAP TAP 啦!

Hong Kong Tap Festival is coming! Let's Tap together!!



Hong Kong Tap Festival 2017



-主題工作坊- (( 10/8 開始報名!))

-Guest Workshop-(( Registration start at 10/8 ! ))


工作坊地點:CCDC 舞蹈中心 四號排練室

Workshop Venue: CCDC Dance Centre Studio 4




報名 Register:



香港踢躂節 2017的主題工作坊為期三天,於CCDC舞蹈中心舉行共 15 節工作坊,由三位著名的日籍踢躂舞者教授。學員能透過參與工作坊,一睹專業踢躂舞者的風采!

Hong Kong Tap Festival 2017 (HKTF 2017) presents guest workshop for tap dance lovers to join. There will be 15 classes in 3 consecutive days at CCDC Dance Centre, taught by three Japanese tap masters. Students can learn from the Festival’s featured guests, taking glimpses into their dancing and teaching.




-Fun Tap Jam-





Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy


免費節目Fun Tap Jam即興踢躂匯,是香港踢躂節的活動之一,以節奏為大前提,鼓勵不同層次的踢躂舞者在Tap Jam的過程中溝通、自我學習、提升和觀察,從而得以改進。感受踢躂舞藝術帶來的樂趣,分享各參與者的踢躂魔力。觀迎公眾人仕免費進場欣賞。

Being one of the programmes in Hong Kong Tap Festival, Fun Tap Jam is a free style tap dance event. With strong music and energetic beat, dancers from all around the world will join together, hoping to bring improvement, inspiration and move next step forward. The public are welcome to join. Let's share the happiness and enjoy the exciting atmosphere all together!


免費入場 Free Entry






-拍 ・ 我踢躂-

-Beat Me Tap-





Venue: Cultural Activities Hall, Sha Tin Town Hall


22/09/2017 (Fri五) 7:30pm#

23/09//2017 (Sat六) 3pm

23/09/2017 (Sat六) 7:30pm


票價 Ticket Price : $200, $160*

購票 Buy Tickets:


嘉賓舞者 Guest Tappers/Choreographers:

熊谷和德 Kazunori Kumagai (日本JP)

谷口翔有子Shoko Taniguchi (日本JP)

村田正樹 Masaki Murata (日本JP)

金順泳 Kim Soonyoung (韓國 KR)

舞工廠舞團 Dance Works (台灣TW)



郭偉傑 Ken Kwok 梁美嘉 Eve Leung


踢躂舞者 Tappers

顏俊豪Marc Ngan

黃安妮 Annie Wong

謝裕鈴 Ling Tse

何威智 Marix Ho

蔡煒虹 Iris Tsoi

蔡煒婷 Joyce Tsoi

R&T 青年踢躂舞者 Young Tappers


# 9月22日演出後設有演後藝人談。

# Meet-the-artist session on 22 Sept.



*Discount tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder and full-time students.


門票 7/8 在城市售票網發售。

Tickets are available at URBTIX on 7/8.

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